Inside the Fashionable Strip of N 35th

Peace love and Happiness

Peace Love and Happiness is a funky little store located on the fashionable strip of N. 35th St. 

This “Mini Anthropologie garden store is a lifestyle, people come in because they want something that will make them feel good”, says co-owner John Steng.

Owners, John Steng’s background is in Horticulture while Neil Silverman’s is in ceramic and fashion. Coincidentally, they met at the gym 20 years ago and then collaborated and opened the store in 1997, “back in the day before H&M“, he reminisces.

Recently, John and Neil recently took a trip to Hawaii and met with some vendors. The store now sells indigenous soap company soaps, bringing a piece of Hawaii back with them.

       Co-owner John Steng




Wife and Husband, Becky and Tim Burford own three charming “jewelry and more” shops on Fremont’s N 35th St.

Becky worked in retail throughout high school and college and has a business degree. She began opening up shops for her boss at the time, Betsy Johnson, in Seattle.

Tim is a contractor, and has built each shop, and created the beautiful marble, iron, and woodwork which serves as a gorgeous accident to each individual store.  

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Les Amis opened in 1996. The store’s merchandise mostly consists of women’s clothing, which is what it is most known for.

Les Amis carries many different designer clothing, to name two, Rachel Comey and Ulla Johnson are both successful women fashion designers.

However, Les Amis also sells jewelry by artists like Debbie Fisher, as well as other cute accessories like sunglasses and socks.




Essenza #2

After spending a vacation in Paris, Becky and Tim Burford were inspired to open their second store on 35th St. Twenty years later, Essenza, stands beautifully tall. 


Esenza #3

Home of Europe’s finest fragrances and adorable handcrafted infant gifts. Such as Santa Maria Novela, which proceeds go to support several of Florence Italy’s Squares. 

Essenza also has begun to sell high-end, handmade infant gifts such as pillows by female designer, Stephanie Housley’s brand, Coral and Tusk.





In 2014, Becky and Tim opened Liten. Becky explains, “We opened Liten because we needed more space for ceramics and jewelry after meeting some great artists!”   

Liten sells local ceramics by local artist, Jill Young Rosenast’s. Her elegant and modern work elevates the atmosphere of the space. Liten also sells handcrafted jewelry by Colleen Maurer. Her bangles and rings are simple, yet very beautiful.




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Linten Employee, Nasneen

For more on Fremont’s Resources please click here


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